Here you will find published articles expanding on the benefits of enquiry tracking software including helping you to prove your worth, demonstrating value for money, evidence management of your enquiry service, avoiding FoI fines, and providing an enriched customer experience. I hope you find them useful. 

  • Helping your team improve their enquiry response
    Public Service website, April 2013
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  • Avoid FoI fines and faux pas: enquiry software can help you monitor FoI and other information enquiries
    Managing Information, February 2013, Vol.20, Issue 1
    Forthcoming article
  • Advocacy via Enquiry: how new enquiry software advocates your worth
    CLSIG Journal, January 2013 Vol 1(1)
    Forthcoming article
  • Beyond Outlook: the concept of enquiry tracking software
    Multimedia Information & Technology, February 2012 Vol 38(1), pp.19-22
    Published article
  • The Role of LMS in Demonstrating Value for Money from ILS 
    Business Information Review, June 2011 Vol 28(2), pp. 119-125
    Published article
  • Raising your Game: Evidence Based Management of your Enquiry Service 
    Management Information, March 2011 
    Published article